Staying Safe on the Stand-Up Paddle Board in Windy Conditions

Stand-Up Paddleboarding pic

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Based in the Florida Keys, Edwin Hammond Meredith maintains a successful career as a chef. Also involved with the local stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) community, Edwin Hammond Meredith regularly takes part in SUP competitions and events, including a 33.8-mile long-distance crossing from Key Largo to Flamingo.

Given the variability of marine conditions, one of the most important aspects of enjoying SUP involves taking proper safety precautions. Winds are a major factor, with strong offshore gusts presenting challenges to even the most experienced paddle boarders. If unsure of the currents and weather conditions, either go out with an experienced SUP buddy or stay out of the water altogether until conditions are placid and predictable.

Should winds increase unexpectedly on the open water, making forward paddling impossible, lay down on the board with your paddle firmly lodged between chest and the board. This will significantly cut down on wind resistance and allow easier forward progress. Using your arms in an alternating right and left stroke, paddle back toward shore.