Five Tips for Proper Tattoo Aftercare


A chef who resides in the Florida Keys, Edwin Hammond Meredith works during the weekdays to give himself time to indulge his many other passions in life. One of Edwin Hammond Meredith’s interests is tattoos, for which proper aftercare is essential to get the most out of the artist’s work. These tips will help you take care of your new ink.

1. Listen to your tattooist and keep the bandage or wrap on your tattoo for at least a few hours, as this allows blood and ink to collect while also protecting the tattoo in the immediate aftermath of its completion.

2. Wash the tattoo at least twice a day using unscented soap.

3. Apply a thin layer of ointment, such as Aquaphor, to the tattoo once a day for three days, before switching to an unscented moisturizer to keep the tattoo hydrated.

4. Keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight for the entire recovery period, as UV light causes the ink to fade. You should also avoid sunbeds and swimming, as soaking the tattoo in water will also have negative effects.

5. As the tattoo heals you will notice it begins to scab up and skin starts peeling off. Resist the urge to scratch or pick at the tattoo during this period.


Common Vaccinations for Puppies

Common Vaccinations for Puppies

Common Vaccinations for Puppies


A resident of the Florida Keys, Edwin Hammond Meredith has adopted an active lifestyle suited for the tropical climate. Edwin Hammond Meredith works weekdays as a professional chef, then spends his free time in various outdoor activities. Hammond Meredith also appreciates the company of animals, especially dogs.

Dog owners are responsible for the well-being of their pets, which includes training and vaccinations. Puppies should receive a series of vaccinations in the first few months of their lives.

Kennel cough, an upper airway inflammation, causes bouts of dry coughing and loss of appetite. Common in kennels, kennel cough can be prevented by giving a two-week-old puppy a vaccine.

Another puppy vaccination is for canine distemper, a contagious virus with no known cure. Canine distemper causes multisystem failure, leading to premature death. Vaccines for canine distemper are first administered when the puppy is 10 to 12 weeks old.

Rabies vaccinations are required by law for all dogs. Transmittable to humans, rabies attacks the central nervous system, causing paralysis and even death. Puppies should receive rabies vaccinations at 12 to 24 weeks and booster shots every one to three years.

Warming Waters Worldwide Cause Marine Species Migrations


Edwin Hammond Meredith is a Florida Keys resident who holds a position as chef and enjoys various marine activities that the region offers, from fishing to stand-up paddle boarding. Edwin Hammond Meredith has a strong interest in marine biology and the systems that support life in the world’s oceans.

One area of concern among marine biologists in recent years involves entire species migrating toward regions with cooler waters as global warming takes effect. One casualty has been lobsters in Long Island sound, who have been driven out of their local habitat by a series of warm summers to cooler locales such as the Gulf of Maine. Unfortunately, as reported by National Geographic, this refuge may also be temporary, as water temperatures in that region are rapidly accelerating.

Along the Pacific coast of North America, this warming trend has affected species such as arrowtooth flounder and Pacific halibut, which have shifted from the Bering Sea to the more northerly Arctic Ocean. Other fish are moving north from tropical latitudes, such as the invasive lionfish that is now common along the Atlantic Coast. A key question posed by these migrations is how to maintain the fisheries that support jobs and food production in the face of persistent oceanic warming.