Beginner Tips for Choosing a Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand-Up Paddleboarders pic

Stand-Up Paddleboarders

Florida-based chef Edwin Hammond Meredith is a self-proclaimed lover of the great outdoors. During his free time, Edwin Hammond Meredith engages in several active hobbies such as surfing, climbing, and stand up paddleboarding (SUP).

SUP, a type of board sport, basically uses a surf-style board and a long paddle. The sport traces its roots to Hawaii, where it is known by the name Hoe he’e nalu. Despite its ancient origins, the sport has recently been enjoying a resurgence, and is considered to be one of the fastest growing board sports.

In order to aid burgeoning interest, a design and manufacturing industry for SUP equipment has taken ground. A wide range of boards exist in the market, and this can result in confusion for a beginner.

Standup Journal, an online resource dedicated to the sport, offers the following general advice to beginners who are about to buy their first board: a wider board, typically with a width of 30 inches or greater, is the best way to go for a starting SUP enthusiast. Another consideration is the board material. While carbon vacuum-bagged boards are lighter and more responsive, they can also be expensive. Beginners should consider soft-top boards, which while heavier, are cheaper and easier to learn on.


Basic Tools for Ice Climbing

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Ice Climbing

Edward Hammond Meredith provides professional chef services in the Florida Keys area. Outside of work, Edward Hammond Meredith enjoys a number of outdoor adventure activities, including ice climbing.

Ice climbing offers an experience unlike any other form of climbing. Before you set out, it’s important to have the right gear.

A helmet and harness are some of the requisite equipment. Many experienced climbers already have these items, but if you have never climbed before, you’ll have to purchase these. For veteran climbers who already have harnesses, take note that for ice climbing, you’ll need a larger harness, as you will typically wear heavier clothing due to the lower temperatures.

Climbing rope is another self-explanatory item one needs in order to ice climb. Additionally, a solid pair of mountain boots is a must-have accessory. Small plates that fit on the front of these boots, known as crampons, are also compulsory. The crampon has spikes on the front that allow climbers to kick a foothold into the ice where a natural one may not be available. Ice tools such as a pick are necessary as well to get a good grip on the ice shelves.

Safety Tips for Stand-Up Paddleboarders

Stand-Up Paddleboarders pic

Stand-Up Paddleboarders

Edwin Hammond Meredith is a Florida Keys chef with a long-standing interest in stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). Taking advantage of the Keys’ abundant recreational offerings, Edwin Hammond Meredith has participated in long-distance water crossings with other SUP enthusiasts, and he completed one memorable 44-mile crossing from Key Largo to Flamingo, Florida.

With life jacket requirements in place in many states, the US Coast Guard considers paddleboards as vessels, and holds them to the rules that govern boats. Large sail and motor vessels have right of way over SUP boards, and one basic aspect of maintaining safety is staying clear of oncoming traffic. Visibility can be an issue; bright clothing is recommended, along with a whistle that allows you to issue a high-pitched alert if necessary.

Beyond these considerations, carry a light when paddling at night, and always wear a leg leash. While the latter may seem superfluous in calm waters, it helps ensure that you do not get separated from the board should you lose balance and fall into the water. It also helps to ensure ready access to the buoyant board in case of waves and strong winds.

Explaining the Triangle Position in Ice Climbing

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Ice Climbing

An outdoorsman, Edwin Hammond Meredith is a professional chef who plies his trade in the Florida Keys. In addition to enjoying water sports, Edwin Hammond Meredith goes ice climbing when he gets the opportunity.

The triangle position is one of the fundamental techniques that ice climbers need to master if they are to stay safe. It offers increased efficiency and stability in climbing through the use of a simple sequence of movements that involve the proper manipulation of the climber’s center of mass, his crampons, and his ice tools.

To begin, the climber will position himself on the ice with feet approximately shoulder-width apart and tools above the head, in line with the belly button and staggered, which means one will be stuck in the ice lower than the other.

With knees bent and hips drawn forward, the climber will then briefly hang, with a straight arm, from the highest ice tool, with feet aligned below it. Small upward steps are taken until the climber’s shoulder is aligned with the lower ice tool, at which point he spreads out his legs again while keeping the belly button aligned with the higher tool.

To complete the sequence, the lower ice tool will then be loosened and placed above the climber’s head and the other tool. The triangle position sequence is then restarted based on this new tool positioning.

Improving Overall Physical Wellness with Meditation and Exercising

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Physical Wellness

Edwin Hammond Meredith enjoys a myriad of physical activities, including skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. Additionally, Edwin Hammond Meredith has an interest in overall physical wellness.

Enhancing physical activity impacts your overall physical wellness. This is especially true if you pair exercise with meditation. Meditation is an activity that has been around for years. To establish a positive mindset for the day, it’s best to meditate in the morning; if you need to end the day in a positive way, meditating at night may be more suitable for you.

In addition to meditating, you can take part in swimming, walking, martial arts, or even dancing to improve your physical wellness. Just a 30-minute exercise routine only three days a week is a good start in improving your health. You can incorporate mindfulness while you are exercising. For example, focus on your thoughts and how your body feels as you are going through the workout.

Another mindfulness tip is to concentrate on the pattern of your breathing. Mindfulness is a beneficial way to lead you into a positive mood and allow you to be more aware of your mental health. Mental health is a critical part of overall physical wellness; once you start feeling bad mentally, the rest of your body can feel weighed down. For example, stress can cause headaches and other pains. Anxiety can lead to irregular heartbeat and other health conditions. By staying active and including meditation and mindfulness in your daily routine, your entire body, including your brain, will benefit.

Training for a SUP Race

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SUP Race

Professional chef Edwin Hammond Meredith of the Florida Keys spends much of his free time participating in stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Having completed long-distance water crossings with fellow enthusiasts, Edwin Hammond Meredith is currently training to compete in SUP races.

As with any other race, SUP races require a good deal of preparation. When you first start training, it can be extremely helpful to find a partner or group; having a partner keeps you from taking a break from your training. Even if you don’t feel motivated to go out on the water one day, your partner or group will help motivate you.

When you are training, try mimicking SUP races. If you live near a race area, you can practice on the race course. This gives you a good idea of how the winds, waves, and current might change during a SUP race. If you can train at the actual race course on which you will compete, then you will be even better prepared.

During your training sessions, give your body ample time to rest and rebuild muscle. Too much training can tire out the muscles and may lead to injury. Similarly, if you focus too much on working specific areas of the body, you are more likely to lose ability in the ignored areas.

Intervals are a great way of increasing performance and endurance levels by improving your lactic threshold. This threshold is what makes your muscles tired. By increasing it, you are able to use your muscles for a longer period of time before they start getting worn out. Staying hydrated is equally important. Always drink plenty of water during both training and the actual race, and maintain good nutrition.

An Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding Gear