About: Edwin Hammond Meredith

Professional chef Edwin Hammond Meredith has made a home for himself in the Florida Keys. The tropical climate of the Keys lends itself to a wide variety of outdoor activities, which Meredith does not hesitate to pursue. From water hobbies such as fishing, scuba diving, surfing, and sailing, to land adventures like hiking, biking, climbing, and skateboarding, Edwin Hammond Meredith loves participating in all the Florida Keys have to offer. Currently, his main focus lies in the fast-growing sport of stand-up paddle boarding.

Stand-up paddle boarding, otherwise known as SUP, originated in the Hawaiian Islands and has since become an increasingly popular way to enjoy natural waterways of all kinds. The sport involves standing upright at full height on a surf-style board and using a long paddle to propel the board forward. With minimal equipment and no waves required, stand-up paddle boarding is ideal for almost any body of water. After trying his hand at it, Edwin Hammond Meredith quickly discovered a passion for the sport and decided to dedicate himself to mastering the craft.

Meredith now likes to take part alongside other SUP enthusiasts in various long-distance water crossings. In his most recent excursion, he completed a paddling trip from Key Largo, Florida to Flamingo, Florida—more than 33 miles—in one day. He plans on participating in more long-distance events, as well as competing in stand-up paddle boarding races, in the near future.

Outside of his warm-weather hobbies, Meredith takes joy in winter activities such as snowboarding, snowmobiling, and ice climbing. His other interests include ranching, marine biology, rally racing, and international travel.


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