Beginner Tips for Choosing a Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand-Up Paddleboarders pic

Stand-Up Paddleboarders

Florida-based chef Edwin Hammond Meredith is a self-proclaimed lover of the great outdoors. During his free time, Edwin Hammond Meredith engages in several active hobbies such as surfing, climbing, and stand up paddleboarding (SUP).

SUP, a type of board sport, basically uses a surf-style board and a long paddle. The sport traces its roots to Hawaii, where it is known by the name Hoe he’e nalu. Despite its ancient origins, the sport has recently been enjoying a resurgence, and is considered to be one of the fastest growing board sports.

In order to aid burgeoning interest, a design and manufacturing industry for SUP equipment has taken ground. A wide range of boards exist in the market, and this can result in confusion for a beginner.

Standup Journal, an online resource dedicated to the sport, offers the following general advice to beginners who are about to buy their first board: a wider board, typically with a width of 30 inches or greater, is the best way to go for a starting SUP enthusiast. Another consideration is the board material. While carbon vacuum-bagged boards are lighter and more responsive, they can also be expensive. Beginners should consider soft-top boards, which while heavier, are cheaper and easier to learn on.


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