Basic Tools for Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing pic

Ice Climbing

Edward Hammond Meredith provides professional chef services in the Florida Keys area. Outside of work, Edward Hammond Meredith enjoys a number of outdoor adventure activities, including ice climbing.

Ice climbing offers an experience unlike any other form of climbing. Before you set out, it’s important to have the right gear.

A helmet and harness are some of the requisite equipment. Many experienced climbers already have these items, but if you have never climbed before, you’ll have to purchase these. For veteran climbers who already have harnesses, take note that for ice climbing, you’ll need a larger harness, as you will typically wear heavier clothing due to the lower temperatures.

Climbing rope is another self-explanatory item one needs in order to ice climb. Additionally, a solid pair of mountain boots is a must-have accessory. Small plates that fit on the front of these boots, known as crampons, are also compulsory. The crampon has spikes on the front that allow climbers to kick a foothold into the ice where a natural one may not be available. Ice tools such as a pick are necessary as well to get a good grip on the ice shelves.


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