Improving Overall Physical Wellness with Meditation and Exercising

Physical Wellness pic

Physical Wellness

Edwin Hammond Meredith enjoys a myriad of physical activities, including skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. Additionally, Edwin Hammond Meredith has an interest in overall physical wellness.

Enhancing physical activity impacts your overall physical wellness. This is especially true if you pair exercise with meditation. Meditation is an activity that has been around for years. To establish a positive mindset for the day, it’s best to meditate in the morning; if you need to end the day in a positive way, meditating at night may be more suitable for you.

In addition to meditating, you can take part in swimming, walking, martial arts, or even dancing to improve your physical wellness. Just a 30-minute exercise routine only three days a week is a good start in improving your health. You can incorporate mindfulness while you are exercising. For example, focus on your thoughts and how your body feels as you are going through the workout.

Another mindfulness tip is to concentrate on the pattern of your breathing. Mindfulness is a beneficial way to lead you into a positive mood and allow you to be more aware of your mental health. Mental health is a critical part of overall physical wellness; once you start feeling bad mentally, the rest of your body can feel weighed down. For example, stress can cause headaches and other pains. Anxiety can lead to irregular heartbeat and other health conditions. By staying active and including meditation and mindfulness in your daily routine, your entire body, including your brain, will benefit.


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