Useful Cooking Skills for Aspiring Chefs

Searing pic


Florida Keys resident Edwin Hammond Meredith is an international traveler and dedicated professional chef. In addition to his experience in the kitchen, Edwin Hammond Meredith relies on his personal passion for success in his chosen field.

Cooking requires a range of skills, yet some of the more basic are ignored by many aspiring chefs. Here are a few that are good to learn.

Searing: Great for adding depth of flavor and texture to a meat or fish, searing is a fairly simple technique. Chef must start with a pan that is very hot when searing meat. A little bit of oil can be added to the pan to coat the surface and then the ingredient should be directly added. As long as the pan was properly heated, the meat should not stick, and is easily flipped over.

Emulsifying: Necessary for making dressings or aioli, emulsification involves combining two liquids that would not normally mix. It takes a great deal of patience, as chefs must constantly whisk one liquid while slowly adding in the other. They should start by adding the second liquid one drop at a time and slowly work up to a steady drizzle.

Folding: Used for souffles and other recipes that combine ingredients of varying densities, folding keeps any mixture light. Whipped cream or whipped egg whites are the most common ingredients that require folding into heavier batter. When mixing two items together, chefs should gently lift the batter up over the whites until they are completely combined.


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