Stand-Up Paddleboarding – A Sport Growing in Popularity

Stand-Up Paddleboarding pic

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

A chef in the Florida Keys, Edwin Hammond Meredith enjoys stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). Taking advantage of South Florida’s extensive marine recreation opportunities, Edwin Hammond Meredith competes in local SUP races and undertakes group long-distance water crossings.

A unique combination of kayaking and surfing that involves standing on a board while using a paddle to traverse water, SUP has roots extending back to the 1960s. The beach boys on Waikiki’s famous white sand beaches would stand on longboards and employ outrigger paddles as a way of going out a distance and taking stock of surf conditions.

Unlike traditional surfing, which requires a coastal locale with waves, SUP can be undertaken on any body of water, including lakes and rivers. This had led to its adoption by outdoor enthusiasts far-removed from traditional water sports meccas.

SUP’s popularity was given a boost when top-class pro surfers such as Laird Hamilton started integrating it into their workout routines when wave conditions were flat. Nearly impact-free, SUP provides an excellent combination of balance and cardio fitness workouts, and enhances core strength.


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